Enjoy our facilities so that you can combine your daily training with your relaxing holidays.
At Marina Elite C | S Resort you will always find someone doing sports. Whether it's running, swimming, or walking, they all have one thing in common: living healthy, staying fit, and enjoying their vacations.
Nothing will taste better of a good vacation as coming home with a fresh mind and recharged batteries.

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Did you know that functional exercises are adapted to the physical aptitudes of each person and are aimed at working on mobility, balance, strength and endurance?
In the gym at the Marina Elite C | S Resort we have what you need to improve:
Strengthening  the muscles globally by working the muscles as a whole and not in isolation.
Increases flexibility  and agility, both articular and muscular. | Improves bodyposture
They alleviate  back pain.|  Eliminatebody fat.| Increase  self-esteem.
Optimize sports  performance.| More  healthand general  well-being.
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